Remember who you really are

Hey you beautiful Soul

I send you a warm welcome from my world, where you can come home into your Soul’s nature and remember who you really are. 

This is YOU – ON EARTH – NOW! 

Do you remember why you came onto this planet? What did you come to experience, to explore, to heal, to grow? Which gifts did you bring with you? Do you remember your deepest Truth and Nature? 

The Truth is, that you are a powerful Creator. The more you reconnect to your Soul’s Alignment, the more Vital Force Energy you can receive. Do you know that feeling, of doing something out of your heart and you feel this explosion of love in your body? This energy of joy and power is your birth right and is waiting for you to be activated as your natural state of being.

You are here to embody the Creative Divine in Human Form, to explore your own Divinity within this human experience. You are a powerful creator.

 The New Earth has arrived and we need you in your power! Let’s create and manifest this paradise here on Earth, that we already carry in our hearts.
The Power of Love is here now! We are here to bring this Light back!

– Remember who you really are- 

Reconnect to your true nature ….
& live yourself free as the Divine Being that you are!

I am looking forward to connect with you!


Unravel your true potential and Divine Creative Force!

We are designed to manifest heaven on earth, to enjoy this beautiful abundant paradise we are living in. and to explore our own divinity and infinite creative power full of joy and love. 

- Mascha


❖ remember your Soul unique gifts and expressions

❖ about how to attract naturally

❖ about how energy is creating your reality

❖ which choices are positive and negative for your Soul in terms of creating Karma



❖ reconnect to your Divine Soul Blueprint and full potential of vital force energy

❖ taking action steps into your Soul’s Alignment and Purpose

❖ clearing and release of limiting blockages and karma 



❖ how to use your Creative Life Force Energy to manifest the life of your heart

❖ how to work with your Spirit Guides to receive messages and guidance on your path of life experience and creation

❖ how to play life as a Divine Creator


▷ Your Soul knows the way