Remember who you really are

It's YOU on

Welcome you beautiful Goddess

In your heart, there is a powerful, unique and sovereign soul living, that loves you more than anything else and desires nothing more than to live yourself in your truest and most authentic version.

Do you remember your deepest truth and essence?

More than ever we are called to stand up and enter into our soul power and our truth. To love all of our selves and our unique gifts and to share them with the world. Each and every one of us has a unique combination of gifts and abilities as well as an infinite creative power!
We are made to manifest heaven on earth!

Remember who you really are
It’s YOU on Earth … now!


Your Akasha Soul Reading

Get ready to reveal lost parts of your true nature & essence!

Your soul has an infinite amount of wisdom in it. Now step into the infinite potential of your soul path, your Divine Soul Blueprint.

Open this portal to integrate your higher self even more deeply into your humanity and experience yourself as the unique wonder that you are. Reconnect with your true nature and essence. ∞

Your Akashic Record reveals to you:

☥ who you are at soul level,
☥ which Divine Gifts you carry,
☥ the core of your colorful soul purpose
☥ if there are karmic blockages that are influencing you within your current life experience
☥ which multidimensional capabilities your TRUE DIVINE SELF is offering you.


Receive your personal Source of your unique Divine Energy!

As a channel of the Akasha, I serve you now with the Remembrance of your Soul’s Essence as a unique channeled Art Soul-Painting.


Are you ready to open the Source of your Soul’s Essence?

re-member your Truth


 get clarity about WHO you are on SOUL LEVEL

 which talents, abilities and characteristics you bring with your soul is carrying

 what are your Divine Self Expressions and how you are designed to receive your most potential of vital force energy


 bring light on your dysfunctional soul patterns

☥ bring light on your blockages and limitations to find their roots

 find out which Karmic Pattern influences your current life experience

 transform your karma and rewrite your future.



 find out which decisions are positive and which are negative in terms of your karma

 align yourself step by step back into your True Divine Self

 manifest the life that is authentic to your truth and that fulfills your heart & soul


About me

My name is Mascha and I am a deep, loving soul who dedicates her life to the Soul Liberation. I work as a spiritual mentor, Akasha oracle, artist and priestess of the Divine Feminine. I have been living and loving in the south west of Portugal for over 2 years. My purpose is to remind you of your divinity and enormous creative power in order to create a life for you that corresponds to your truth.

I serve as a Akashic Record channel and create tantra and shamanism inspired ceremonial temple spaces. My path of healing is a deep path that connects me to teachings from ancient Egypt.

I am here to serve the integration of divinity into being human. With my work I drop the curtains of illusion of separation to God in order to collectively manifest heaven on earth.

Remember who you really are

– It’s YOU on Earth … now!

Your Masha

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