Alice in Wonderland

her story & manifesting her power

I create new paths, the one of my wildest dreams


Alice is a Galactic Warrior with a creative, innovative force that brings beauty, pleasure, and joy into the world. Her path is wild, as she is cutting and creating new ways of being for the ones that come after. Her mission is to show the infinite possibilities of creation that serve the highest good and all creatures. Therefore she is guided by other Galactic Beings, that show her the way through her Oracle Eye.

She is feminine creative force in a wild virgin expression. Be aware of colorful and expressive change, when she enters your life.


Connect with Alice for a wild, raw and inspiring journey through your Soul’s Purpose and the Earth as your playground to play. Be joyful and follow your gut. Alice invites you to not be too serious and let yourself be surprised by the miracles that are lingering in the deep forest of universal wonders. Your Life is the story you are telling yourself. How about changing the story to a really crazy, colorful, upside-down one, where your wildest dreams can become reality in a blink of an eye?  

Soul Art

Alice in Wonderland

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