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her story & manifesting her power

Meet me in the dark


Ameluz is a goddess of the dark feminine. She creates new life from death. There where no life is visible, she gives birth to her visions. Ameluz is guided by her womb, her place of creation, fertility, death and rebirth. She is connected to the moon and her cycles. In her darkest hours, she experiences the most potent creative energy by releasing what is old, rotten, and not serving her highest good anymore. 

Ameluz is connected to the old, wise woman and exists in the deep ocean of dark land. 


Connect with Ameluz to connect to the creative power of the dark womb. Ameluz is a goddess that has the power to transform destructive energy into a creative force that gives birth to new life. There where death occurs, there is space for new life, a new creation, a new expression of life force itself.

Your womb and her darkness is a powerful place for new creations to grow. Open yourself to the underworld of the Earth. In the dark waters of the ocean, you will find the most expressive, colorful creatures on this planet. Ameluz invites you to plant your seeds of visions into the fertile earth of the darkness to experience the depth of your creative potential.

Soul Art

Ameluz - Dark Womb Creatrix

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