Moor Goddess

her story & manifesting her power

reconnect to the primal power of mother earth


Die Göttin aus dem Moor is an aspect of Mother Earth and her primal, creating force, that is born in the dark womb of the underworld. She carries the beauty of life as well as death in her essence. After spending her cyclic winter in the mud, she comes to the surface full of clarity, focus, aligned action and fertile manifestations. 

She is interconnected to the underworld as well as to nature spirits. She is leading in grace, advised by snake and tiger spirit. 


Connect to Moor Goddess to realign to your primal strength and deep rooted existence here on earth. Moor Goddess supports you in precise manifestations that emerge from your womb space. Don’t be afraid to dive deep into the mud of your being, when Moor Goddess enters your life. You will find more strength, grounding and centeredness. 

Moor Goddess will guide you through cold, dark cycles to find your way back to the light – accompanied by more wisdom and power than ever before! 

Soul Art

Moor Goddess

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