Moon Child

her story & manifesting her power

replenish & nourish your Soul's essence


Moon Child is a healing and empowering energy from a dimension where dreams and visions are created. It is an androgyn Soul, that expresses itself equal in feminine & masculine energy. Therefore it creates in a balanced, peaceful, playful and innocent way. 

The dream world where Moon Child is being born, is a sanctuary for lightworkers, where they can retreat and replenish themselves. Moon Child helps you to reconnect to your essence and power after phases of darkness, death or realignment. 

Moon Child offers you a source for healing, rest and regeneration, to fill you up with the light you are made of. It serves you with a deep rooted and interconnected creative energy and remembrance, to cocreate Heaven on Earth and to fulfill your Life Purpose.



Moon Child is coming into your life to give you trust, faith and support in your Soul’s Path. It reconnects you to your essence, your purpose, your spiritual team and the spiritual lessons that you are here to receive and heal through. It encourages you to stay connected and listen to your heart’s prayer to live the purpose you are here for and to share all your talents with the world. Moon Child reminds you on your precious existence here on Earth, to be a Lightworker and a creative Source of Love manifesting itself here on Earth. 

We are living in a world of duality, and so we are here to experience the light and the dark. Never forget that you are able to hold both. You are a lighthouse for many people and a source of unconditional love. 

You have enough spiritual wisdom and power for this life experience you are in right now. 

Soul Art

Moon Child

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