Akasha - Blueprint Creatrix

her story & manifesting her power

infinite creative power through universal consciousness


Akasha is a universal goddess and works on behalf of the One Divine Mother Sophia. She is a Blueprint Designer and Developer of new Souls and Creations. Interconnected with light consciousness, she is serving All-that-is with designing and creating new life, so souls can incarnate to experience healing, spiritual education and evolution. 

Akasha is one of the Web Weaver Goddesses that is upholding the space of unconditional love where all aspects of being can exist for exploration. 


Access infinite creative power when connecting with Akasha. She, as well as a spiritual team of masters and higher consciousness beings, are ready to cocreating with you. You will find communication and guidance through your heart, that is anchoring universal love and wisdom here on Earth. 

By following your intuition and instructions you fulfill your purpose as well as experience your own blueprint in the highest potential. Trust that all dreams and visions you are receiving are coming to you as a part of the web that you are here to weave. No dream is too big to be created. You are a divine creator – the field is now open to receive you.

Soul Art

Akasha - Blueprint Creatrix

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