her story & manifesting her power

developing higher consciousness through nature spirit


Lemuria is a Galactic Being experiencing itself as a Wild Creature here on Earth. She is very peaceful and is able to connect and talk with animals on energetic and telepathic level. She is home in lush, water rich areas, as she explores on land and in water. 

Her purpose and mission is to explore consciousness in material form, to play, to create and to feel. She is very curious to new discoveries, so she will connect to her surrounding with an open heart, ready and open to receive life. To feel different energies, emotions and have different experiences are her joy and pleasure, it makes her feel alive. It’s one of the reasons she came here. 

She uses her powers of creation to bring beauty, peace and joy on Earth. 


Connect to Lemuria to remember innocent, sensual and playful aspects of your being. You are a child of the Earth – and you are a wild creature. Observe the always available nature spirits around you, to access the power of Lemuria’s wisdom. 

The bird will fly, sing and play every day of its existence, until it dies. So do you rediscover your true nature and live it, day by day. Don’t get influenced by outside thoughts about who you should be as a human. You are a divine creature and here to play, to create, to explore, to share love, unity, community and joy. 

Access to your wisdom and remember your true essence of life.

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