Reconnect to your Soul's Essence -

Receive and activate your True Divine Self in your personal Divine Soul Blueprint Reading!

Sister, do you hear your soul’s calling? Now is the time to go forward! You are one of the wise souls who came here to earth to manifest great things. YES!

And you’ve come such a long way to get here today! You know that you are here for a purpose, to be that particular piece of the puzzle, to carry your gifts and talents into the world in order to generate abundance, for you and for many others!

But do you sometimes feel unsure whether it is the right path that you are going right now?
Or do you have so many ideas that sometimes you don’t quite understand what would be most fulfilling for you?

Do you wish clarity about the gifts and talents your soul has brought with you, those abilities, that you bring with your nature, without any conditioning?

Get ready to reveal lost parts of your true nature & essence!

Your soul has an infinite amount of wisdom in it. Now step into the infinite potential of your soul path, your Divine Soul Blueprint.

Open this portal to integrate your higher self even more deeply into your humanity and experience yourself as the unique wonder that you are. Reconnect with your true nature and essence. ∞

Your Akashic Record reveals to you:

☥ who you are at soul level,
☥ which Divine Gifts you carry,
☥ the core of your colorful soul purpose
☥ if there are karmic blockages that are influencing you within your current life experience
☥ which multidimensional capabilities your TRUE DIVINE SELF is offering you.

∞ that you have a certain soul purpose, but cannot fully grasp it yet?

∞ that you have so much to share but can’t find the way to express yourself?

∞ that you experience blockages in different areas of your life (creative / sexual / professional / social)?

∞ that you are not yet living your highest potential for fulfillment?

∞ that you are still missing the last information that has so far remained hidden from you, that is the missing piece of the puzzle to better understand yourself and your path?


☥ a deeper connection and understanding of who your soul and your True Divine Self is

☥ which decisions bring you into alignment

☥ an activation of your light code in your DNA

☥ which Divine Gifts, talents and abilities you carry

☥ in which divine aspects your soul purpose expresses

☥ understanding of karmic patterns, that you carry through lifetimes

☥ clearing of karmic blocks and limitations for your current life experience

☥ come home into your soul, on your soul path and your truth!

☥ how you live your potential in receiving Vital Force Energy

☥ on which planet your soul was incarnated and which soul features you have as a result

Your Divine Soul Blueprint Activation includes:

☥ 2 h Akasha Soul Reading & High Frequency Mentoring (Zoom or in person)
☥ Akasha & Spirit Guide Channeling
☥ which unique Divine Gift Set you carry
☥ on which planet your soul was incarnated and which soul features you have as a result
☥ your personal Divine Soul Blueprint as PDF (20 pages)


☥ Your lovingly designed Divine Soul Blueprint Workbook (PDF)
☥ Understand what positive and what negative decisions & actions are in terms of your karma
☥ 10 keys how you can integrate your TRUE DIVINE SELF into your life

This reading contains your Soul Activation Code and can serve you a lifetime!

Bring clarity into your path

☥ 1 h Akasha Channeling & Guidance (Zoom)
☥ Information about your past & current life challenges
☥ Insight into which decisions created karma and how you can shift it for yourself
☥ Answering your personal questions to the Akasha and your Spirit Guides
☥ Karma clearing ritual

This reading reveals lost information about your shadow and trauma experiences in this life.

Are you ready to meet yourself raw?

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