Soul Art

Unique channeled Soul Art cocreated with Divine Source in service of Remembrance.

Remember the


Art is a medium for energy to manifest in this realm. Art can be a portal to another dimension, reality or energy field. Connect with this energy on vibrational level. Soul Art awakens life in your sacred space at your home. Receive memories of your true essence. 

“These paintings are a transmission of Divine Energy, serving as a source of Remembrance.”

Soul Art Paintings are initiated and cocreated with universal creative force. They are unfolding within the process of creation on their own. The element of water is creating forms, expressions and the atmosphere of the energetic field behind. Birthed in the holiness of creative substance, life and all beings in all forms and dimensions. 

Soul Art - the Source of creative Energy

Alice in Wonderland

Moon Child

Ameluz - Dark Womb Creatrix


Moor Goddess

Akasha - Blueprint Creatrix

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Meet the Artist

Hi, I’m Mascha and I am an embodied expression of creative life force. I love to create – it is my design as well as my soul blueprint, and so I live my spiritual purpose in a beautiful home in Pacha Mama’s lab in South West Portugal.

I found my connection to painting on a life-changing trip to India in 2018, following my heart to rediscover my soul. From the beginning, I was painting faces & creatures. There was always a Soul or Energy, that wanted to be manifested. In January 2021 I painted my first art painting series called “Remember who you really are”, which got printed and sold in different locations.

Today I am combining my work as a Akasha Channel with my artwork and create paintings in Cocreation with Divine Source, also by personalized order.

I am so happy and grateful to serve you with this expression of love and healing. I wish you beautiful activations, inspiration, and transmission with these creations.

With Love,

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