Akasha Soul Art Reading

Your personal Source of Divine Energy

Reconnect to your Soul's Essence

Receive your manifested Soul's Energy as a unique and personalized painting.

You precious Starseed here on Earth, so happy to connect with you here…welcome Sister!

I know you had a long journey, to arrive where you are now. It was a long way of healing, shedding, and transforming yourself into a more truthful version of yourself.

You came here on Earth, as one of the wise, old Souls, with a special mission. You are here, to embody your truth, wisdom, and love in a completely new way, which will cause a complete change of the society and structures, we were used to live in. You are here to create a New Earth, where we can live in Peace, Love, Compassion, and Freedom.

We are now supported by the Divine Realm, other Galactic Beings, our Starseed Family, and our Ascendant Masters, to follow the path of the Soul, that will guide you into the Manifestation of the new Golden AgeThe Prophecies becoming true.


The mission you are on is so much bigger than your human experience until now. It demands you to open your consciousness for your limitless multidimensionality. It demands you to open your channel as the divine creator that you are. 

Accept your divine legacy of light now. You are born in the same source, as the stars above you. Your Source of Creation is infinite.

This is not about achievement anymore…no.

THIS is about pure Energy of Love and Truth, that wants to be manifested through you now.

Are you ready to open the Source of your Soul’s Essence?

As a channel of the Akasha, I serve you now with the Remembrance of your Soul’s Essence as a unique channeled Art Soul-Painting.

Your Akasha Soul Art-Reading:

☥ Receive your manifested Soul’s Energy as a unique and personalized painting.

☥ Get a Source of Remembrance of your Soul’s Essence for your home

☥ Catalyze your Spiritual Awakening by having constant access to your deepest wisdom & highest potential

☥ Decrypt hidden Keycodes from your Soul

☥ Enter your unique Portal to universal love, wisdom, remembrance, and healing

Reveal your Akasha Soul by receiving your unique Soul Art Painting

Remember who you really are
– It’s YOU on Earth…now!


1. Order your personalized Soul Art Reading online.

2. You will receive a confirmation E-Mail. Please answer this Email with your Birth Information, so I can access your Akashic Records.

3. The creation process will take 2-3 weeks. You will be updated as soon as the creation is birthed.

4. Your unique Soul Art Reading will be shipped from Portugal worldwide

What you will receive from your
Akasha Soul

☥ a deeper connection and understanding of who your soul and your True Divine Self is

☥ visual & energetic access to your Soul’s essence and Soul Purpose

☥ an activation of your light code in your DNA

☥ an unique, personalized Power Object, that is always available to you as a source of your infinite Creation Power

☥ activation of Remembrance & Wisdom of your True Power & Strength

☥ a connection to your Soul and her many lives and experiences

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