we are being called to Reveal and Un-fold our true soul selves, to find peace and joy in our pure and wild, light and dark, strong and gentle expression.

‘Unfolding the Soul’ will be a deep enquiry into the many tools of our true expressive nature.
Opening ourselves up to the power of true expression and intuitive creation. 

We will explore in a safe and guided container: 

intuitive art
movement and dance
voice and inner – sound
written and spoken word
ritual, earth, human and source connection…

We will journey. Dissolving barriers of the past. Rising together.
This will be a beautiful 6 week dive, both playful and deep, a restoration of inner and outer expression.

A Reclamation of Soul

Join us?

Unfolding the soul - a liberating journey of creative expression

a 6 week course from 16. April - 21. May

Aljezur, Portugal

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Is this course for you?

Are you feeling...

❁ that you are not living up to your true potential?

❁ that you have so much to share, but you don’t find the way to express yourself

❁ that you struggle to allow your feelings and emotions to be fully present and flow in relation with yourself and others

❁ that you find barriers and blockages in various parts of your life (creative/relational/sexual/worklife/social) which disconnects you from the flow of life 

❁ that your life is not yet a true expression of who you really are and the path you are called to walk

❁ that life could offer you so much more freedom and happiness than what you feel you can access/experience now 

❁ that you are carrying burdens and stories from the past which is affecting the unfolding of your abundant future, where you can shine your purest light and love from your heart into the world

More than ever,

we are being called to stand up, to step into our soul power and our truth.
To love and appreciate our entire selves and our unique gifts.
To honor the other and find inspiration in difference.
To welcome the changes which paint our inner and outer landscapes…

and to do our work .

To take responsibility for the great power we each possess and nourish our creative pathways, so that our true expression can be given and received as a gift for this world.
Let us then too, Recieve.


By opening these pathways to the creative soul, we energize dormant energies into dance, we open gateways for suppressed expressions of the past to sing, we discover insightful corners full with creative, true, expressive life flow and we let it fill our hearts.

This will be a beautiful dive, both playful and deep,
a restoration of inner and outer expression,
A reclamation of Soul

The course will be a fusion of discussion & sharing, restorative and release tools, guided dynamic exercises with art, dance, voice and word, meditative self-exploration in creation, group creation laboratories,(re)connection ceremonies, honest inner enquiry & journaling, sisterhood and earth connection, liberating etheric expression into the manifest

Course Program

16. April // 3-6 pm
Opening pathways
Finding our way back to the Soul Self, finding stillness and cleansing the past through a creative process of self-inquiry and reconnecting with the True Self through a ritual.
23. April // 2-5 pm
unleashing life-power in emotions through dance and movement. Embodiment of the Soul and how to self-express through movement.
30. April // 3-6 pm
Opening into Prayer & using the voice to connect with our intuition and universal guidance. Find your true authentic voice to speak and express your truth.
7. May // 3-6 pm
Unleashing your creative energy through a guided Yin Yoga meditation, intuitive movement and liberation through intuitive art and dynamic group creation laboratory.
14. May // 3-6 pm
Releasing control and trusting the first layer of intuitive writing, playing with words and allowing our true feelings space for creative manifestation.
21. May // 3-6 pm
A ritual of the creative soul self, a weaving of all our parts and an honouring of each other. (After our last session on May 21 we will have a celebration dinner all together)

Unfolding the Soul

This course is for you if ...

❖ you want to live an abundant, happy, free and honest life

❖ you want to share your gifts and love from the purity of your soul and heart with yourself, the ones you love and the world

❖ you want to have access to the power of the Creation Goddess within you and offer intentional energy to your life, desires and manifestations

❖ you want to feel fully at home in your body and experience the ecstasy and bliss of living your soul expression

❖ you want to feel flow and freedom in your expressions within daily life – self-love and connection, sexuality, creativity, communication and community

❖ you want to be in charge of your own authentic life and outcome

❖ you want to embody your true nature within your beautiful body and live your Wild Free & Wise, Unapologetic Woman from inside-out

The course will be a fusion of honest discussion & heart sharing, restorative and release tools & guided dynamic exercises using intuitive art, dance, voice and word as our focal points of exploration.

We will venture into powerful realms of meditation, intuition as guidance, self-recognition in artistic creation, group creation laboratories,(re)connection ceremonies, honest inner enquiry & journaling, sisterhood and earth connection, liberating etheric expression into the manifest.

Unfold your Soul

What you will receive

♥ a deeper connection to your true authentic self

♥ a connection to the true power within your creativity

♥ unblocking and activation of your chakra system

♥ deeper guided exploration of expressive modalities

♥ release of your blocked energies

♥ connection to other beautiful souls and the
experience on collective liberation

♥ much better understanding of who you are and how
your soul wants to express here on earth

liberate yourself!

Practical Information


This is an offering for Women/Female identified beings only.
(We intend to offer for mixed groups in future, please email with interest)

The group will be a maximum of 12 participants.

The course will be guided in English.

All materials will be provided for use within the sessions, any continued creations at home or in-between sessions is not provided. 

Commitment & Contribution

The course consists of 6 x 3hour sessions / Fridays 15h – 18h / 16 April to 21 May

Unfortunately, it is not possible to join single sessions of the course. The course is a deep & intimate journey and for that we require commitment to the entire course and group.

Energy Exchange:

185 Euro – low income

225 Euro – financially secure

265 Euro – abundant funds


The course will take place in presence at a beautiful & wild nature retreat centre close to Aljezur, Algarve Portugal – specific location shared on registration.

The Facilitators

Jen Amor

is a traveling spirit, a wild & sensitive woman, a free dancer in deep connection with the infinite energy body within.
She is a dedicated explorer of life, in all its magnificence…
offering expansive experiences of (re-)connection through the portals of embodiment, story, intuitive art expression & dance.
Jen is passionate about Truth and its woven threads in our human life,
her work opens space to explore and liberate true soul expression and entirety.
Jen was born in Scotland & grew up in Wales,
her Celtic roots are woven into the body of her work
which is currently unravelling in Portugal, where she found her heart home.
She is a facilitator of Ecstatic Elemental Dance; Soul Self (re-)Connection Ceremonies; Creative Liberation Lab & founder of Wild Roots Movement.

Mascha on Earth

is a wild, deep & loving soul studying creativity, intuition, energy and human life. 

Exploring her spirituality and creativity with intuitive painting, yoga, rituals, dance and voice, she found access to her soul expression and her artistic side. She opens creative spaces for people to reconnect to their soul through painting, dance,  yin yoga, meditation and visualization.
She is dedicated to the liberation of soul expression and offers women a supportive space to travel deeper into a life which resonates with their true nature. 
Mascha is the founder of YOUonearth, a creative project and mentorship program, for women to release current and past life blockages, to realign with their true nature and the origin soul path. 

Remember who you really are… 
and live. yourself. free. 

Course Registration - Unfolding the Soul